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A Stephen Harper Timeline
  A chronological look at Harper's career reveals a willingness to dump old friends for new ones.

Atlantic Canada
  "A culture of defeat..." — Stephen Harper, describing the Atlantic Provinces, May 2001.

Canadian Alliance Party
  The Alliance was created out of the United Alternative initiative launched by the Reform Party and several provincial Tory parties as a vehicle to "unite the Right" by merging with the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

Giorno, Guy – To be Conservative campaign "script-writer"
  Former Mike Harris heavyweight helped organize anti-Kyoto front group supported by John Baird in 2002.

Health care defence intentionally vague
  Harper attempts to avoid debate over Canadian system because he despises it.

Hidden-agenda concerns keep Conservatives from majority
  Only ten percent in poll think Harper has told them the whole truth about his plans.

Levant, Ezra – Pundit's return to news reminds voters of Conservatives' extreme views
  Failed publisher and self-avowed "Stock-aholic" represents wing of party Harper tries to keep under wraps.

Mulroney-Schreiber affair threatens PM's credibility
  After campaigning for restitution of Liberal sponsorship spending, Harper will be pressed to make his mentor repay libel award.

National Citizens Coalition (NCC) – Harper's presidency was a critical period
  Harper became a vice president of NCC the day he resigned his Parliamentary seat in 1997, and since he left the organization's presidency to go back into politics, his position has never been filled.

Obama turns the tables on Harper
  Prime Minister is forced to take or at least accept positions he normally condemns.

Out of Parliament, 1997-2002
  Stephen Harper left politics only in terms of job title.

Playbook for election looks like vintage Alberta politics
  Name-calling is about mobilizing the base and creating distraction.

Quotes from Harper's NCC days...
  A contrast with his current moderate tone.

Reform Party
  Preston Manning groomed Stephen Harper and gave him a prominent role in Reform's formation in 1987 and its strategy; Harper quit on him ten years later.

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