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Support our Troops slogan endorsed by National Citizens Coalition
  Toronto's famous political billboard confirms politicization of the phrase.

Anders, Rob – Battle to fix nomination contradicts Harper's Reform roots
  Party spends hundreds of thousands to fix nomination of Calgary MP CNN called a "professional heckler".

Appointments: another Conservative placed on Toronto Port Authority
  Could tip balance against environmentalists and community group.

Baird takes centre stage in Bali within days of slush fund testimony to committee
  Environment minister "haunted" by past and present as political operator opposed to environmental initiatives.

Bernier, Maxime – Accidents do happen
  Flat-tax advocate was poster boy for Quebec Conservatives.

Black, Conrad – Helped push Canadian politics to the right
  Conviction links corporate crime with conservative politics, as in US.

Boessenkool re-emerges as a Taser lobbyist
  Long-time friend and advisor to PM also lobbied for cancer drug plan in budget

Brodie, Ian – Former Harper chief of staff takes job with top lobby firm
  Could violate Conflict of Interest Act – Democracy Watch.

Buckler, Sandra – Former lobbyist is one of Harper's top advisors
  Communications director maintains iron grip on who speaks, when and how.

Bush and Harper retain close ties
  Allies on global warming, Afghanistan, Iraq and trade deals stay in touch.

Bush and Harper share roots in neo-conservative philosophy
  Harper's Conservatives and the Bush Republicans have deep organizational and social networks.

CanWest bolstered as Conservatives allow media monopolies to grow
  Open support from owners of Canada's leading media company could be a political liability for Harper.

Flaherty, Jim – "One of nature's hard-liners" and a key player on Harper's team
  Affable style enables finance minister to skate past $6B deficit he helped leave Ontario.

Flanagan, Tom – One of Stephen Harper's closest advisors explains and predicts him
  Harper's Team provides a manual on Conservative strategy and tactics for friend and foe.

Flanagan, Tom – The Calgary School
  Stephen Harper's closest advisor, Tom Flanagan, is an academic famous for his stands against native land claims and rights, and who claims native people were Canada's earliest immigrants.

Giorno, Guy – To be Conservative campaign "script-writer"
  Former Mike Harris heavyweight helped organize anti-Kyoto front group supported by John Baird in 2002.

Guy Giorno moves to top of Harper org chart
  Harris hard-liner fits with ideological and cerebral style of new boss.

Hillier, Rick – Brassy top soldier does what government can't
  Chief of staff used as booster and stalking horse for government military policies.

International anti-poverty group singles out Canada and Harper for condemnation
  Three countries - France, Canada, and Italy - threaten to undermine world efforts - Avaaz.

Kenney the worst kind of conservative
  Stance on Galloway has rightly received condemnation from across the political spectrum.

Levant, Ezra – Pundit's return to news reminds voters of Conservatives' extreme views
  Failed publisher and self-avowed "Stock-aholic" represents wing of party Harper tries to keep under wraps.

Lobbyists gain with weak accountability legislation and regulations
  "Revolving door" still exists between Conservative party political staff and industry front groups.

Long, Tom – Architect of "Common Sense Revolution" to pick CBC News heads
  Rhetoric and framing expert a natural ally for Stephen Harper.

Lunn, Gary – Anti-environmental "yes-man" holds green BC riding
  Isotope controversy may have been a diversion from opening Canada up for global nuclear waste.

Luntz, Frank – Republican strategist appears to drive Harper's communications
  Media and communications direction changed after March 2006 visit.

Manley's advice should be called the Ostrich Report
  It's a pipe dream to think the Americans and British will be willing to stay and fight for the long term in Afghanistan.

Manning's appointment to science board fraught with ironies
  Reform party founder mentored Harper only to be undermined by him – a pattern that would repeat itself.

McVety, Charles – Evangelical heavyweight roams in Harper's halls of power
  Lobbyist who helps run Christian pressure groups will testify on Bill C-10.

Mulroney, Brian – Former PM shaped current PM's thinking on Quebec and his politics
  Advice was to reach out to Quebec, "ditch all the yahoos", and move to the centre.

Mulroney-Schreiber affair threatens PM's credibility
  After campaigning for restitution of Liberal sponsorship spending, Harper will be pressed to make his mentor repay libel award.

Mulroney-Schreiber investigation puts Harper in conflict of interest
  Fully impartial inquiries needed to clean up ethical questions about federal government activities.

O'Connor, Gordon – Now must defend doubling of costs for tank estimates
  Embattled defence minister is former soldier and military industry lobbyist.

Pharmaceutical lobby calls shots on food and drug amendments
  Natural supplements users protest C-51, but bigger danger may be that drug companies will be able to regulate themselves and sell untested drugs.

Phony grassroots groups peddle Conservative propaganda
  Canadians for Afghanistan and Friends of Science have connections to Harper's political agenda.

Privacy concerns lurk about Conservatives' database practices
  Fundraising guru behind party's organization has been linked to controversies with Mike Harris, Tom Long and charities.

Religious conservative vote is becoming an electoral factor in Canada
  Sixty-four per cent of weekly Protestant church attendees voted Conservative in the last election, the question is whether such votes are blips or an emerging trend in Canadian politics.

Religious Right, a major part of Harper's coalition, surfaces over film censorship
  Charles McVety's clout over Telefilm illustrates rising influence of Canada's "Theo-Cons".

Religious rightists get Harper promotions
  Faith conservatives get two senior positions in the Prime Minister's Office.

Riddell, Alan – Lifelong Conservative bullied into dropping out of race – his case for membership loss wins settlement
  Libel suit settled out of court leaving open the question whether Stephen Harper lied.

Ritz aggressively defends industry
  Embattled agriculture minister is known as bully and yes-man for Stephen Harper.

Tar sands whistle-blower witch-hunt
  Doctor who raised alarm over high cancer rates charged while First Nations people get brush-off.

US Right – Links
  Harper Conservatives are well networked with American right-wing activist, research, and communications organizations.

Wheat board ultimatum sends another ominous message to public agencies
  Frustrated by courts, Conservatives threaten unprecedented moves which critics charge will "hand over control to private multinationals".

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