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Welcome to a different kind of news and information service. We hope you will actively take part in the discussion. is an online information service dedicated to analyzing the background and the persuasion tactics of Canada's Conservative minority government. It also offers responses in the name of public values, common good, equality and openness. We agree with George Lakoff [] and others, that how issues are framed is as important as the issues themselves. is about both truth- and story-telling. We hope the project will help those who support public values to learn to tell better stories. And we challenge all truth-tellers to do so, to do so consistently, and to do so in a way that reflects their values.

One-stop shopping for information
There is a lot of information about Stephen Harper available online, but it takes a lot of searching. provides Canadians with a convenient place to learn about the Stephen Harper Conservatives. It includes an expanding set of backgrounder documents plus new material daily — commentary, features and interviews. New material will be added to the index, which will be maintained as a research tool.

Please send your information — cash for tips will always be a work in progress. Please send information — along with references we can use for fact checking — about the Harper Conservatives, and we will post everything we can. We hope many of the files on the site will be made up largely of reader contributions. For instance, we want to build an index of Harper Conservative MPs, staff, and appointees. Readers will be able to learn about the backgrounds and beliefs of those in power and also contribute personal knowledge to build the index. Every week, will award $25 to the reader who submits the most interesting and useful piece of information — in text, audio or video format — every week.

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This project is one of the first launched by a new non-profit organization, the Golden Lake Institute. The Institute is affiliated with the online news publication Straight Goods with a mission to educate and inform on the subject of persuasion techniques in politics and media. Institute members have noted the use of sophisticated communications strategies by conservatives internationally. We hope our work will influence not only how public values advocates talk about their issues, but how they think about them.

The Managing Editor is Ish Theilheimer - - and the Webmaster is Michael Cowley-Owen - is a partnership of Straight Goods and the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE).

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Links and sources
  Golden Lake Institute
  Rockridge Institute
  National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)
  George Lakoff tells why progressives lose to conservatives: Twelve traps progressive activists should avoid when communicating their values to society


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