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Mission Accomplished...?

If the mission was to waste nearly a million bucks on a photo op... yes!

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Posted: December 01, 2011

Public understanding of Harper's extreme agenda keeps him from total power

( was planned for introduction in early 2010 but has been delayed... Please stay tuned – but, in the meanwhile, enjoy our archives.)

OTTAWA, December 22, 2009: As of December, 2009, Straight Goods News is ceasing production of its project but maintaining its archives. Although articles posted to the site will remain publicly available, the domain is going to be replaced with a new site to be called, which will focus on broader national news from Parliament Hill and the Ottawa bureaucracy. ...

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Colvin's gagging and public smearing highlight callousness

OTTAWA, November 20, 2009, a special report: The reaction to diplomat Robert Colvin's report, that top advisors gagged him when he tried to report widespread torture of Afghan detainees captured by Canadians, revealed the Harper government's callousness in two ways. First, the government, according to Colvin, who served as a top diplomat in Afghanistan, willfully ignored urgent reports from him in 2006 and 2007 that all detainees, guilty and innocent, were subject to torture, including being beaten with rubber hoses and electrical cable, shocked with electrical current, and raped. ...

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Gun control politics revised Canada's political map

by Ish Theilheimer, with files from Anne Cummings and Lori Steuart, video by Kevin Caners

OTTAWA, November 6, 2009,, with YouTube video: This week's House of Commons vote of support for legislation to kill Canada'a controversial long-gun registry is another chapter in a narrative that has been instrumental in electing and re-electing the Harper Conservatives to government. ...

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